Little Nellie goes bung

After a day of rest, I sprung back into action, filled with pills and nasal sprays. While I was resting, temperatures in these parts dropped about 25 degrees. Curse you, weather gods.

Today’s ride allowed me to test the warming properties of the Showers Pass shoe covers I bought a few months ago. I rode 30 miles and I managed to keep my feet warm for 25 or so. Temperatures were just above freezing so I think I can say that the shoe covers passed the test.

Little Nellie not so much.

My plan was to ride Little Nellie until I hit its next 1,000 mile threshold (which would be 23,000). With fewer than 90 miles to go, the front shifter has apparently died. Or the front shifter cable housing has accumulated too much gunk to allow the cable to move properly. This happens because of all the bends in the cable routing, required to allow the bike to fold, trap small bits of debris.

I rode the last four miles in my granny gear spinning like a maniac bear at the circus. If only I had a ball to balance on my nose.

Probably too cold for that, though.


2 thoughts on “Little Nellie goes bung

  1. Hope little Nellie is an easy fix and doesn’t require a new shifter maybe new cable/housing and a good WD40 flush of the shifter will do the trick. Hope your health improves as well. I keep stealing sunny and partially sunny rides in Seattle in November which is odd as it is usually one of the wettest months of the year. Trainer time will come all to soon I fear.

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