November – Ups and Downs

I managed to do about 27 days of physical therapy this month. About ten days ago it seemed to be working great. I did three rides back to back to back without pain. About a week ago I did a three mile walk near home. I wore beat up old running shoes and didn’t use trekking poles. I was surprised at how well my leg did. Yesterday I joined some friends on a six mile walk on the C&O Canal towpath. I wore new, low cut hiking shoes and used trekking poles. After about five miles my left hip was holding a silent, but quite painful protest. My PT and I will have a talk on Monday.

It’s the end of another month and, despite the ups and downs of my left leg drama, I managed to put in some decent miles. I totaled 758 miles, about 25 miles per day. My longest ride was 55 1/2 miles at the Cider Ride with my friend Emilia.

I failed at Coffeeneuring for the third year in a row. I think we need to start a napeneuring event. I way better at naps than I am at coffee drinking.

For the year, I’ve ridden 9,944 1/2 miles. I should bag 10,000 miles next week. Lord willin’ and the blood clots don’t rise.



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