Flossing ain’t getting it done

For the last couple of days I’ve rested my legs and done nerve flossing. Last night my left leg was killing me as I walked 1/2 mile from the WABA holiday party to the Metro station. It nearly seized up as I was crossing U Street, a chaotic traffic mess of a road. It ached at night and all day until I went in the basement and started riding:

I’ve been going at it for over an hour. No pain at all.

After 10+ weeks of physical therapy and three cortisone shots, other than when I’m riding, I’m in more pain than when I started. They say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity

I’m cancelling my Monday PT appointment and going back to the orthopedist instead.

In the meantime, I’m discontinuing all flossing or stretching or leg strengthening exercises as long as my leg still aches.

On Sunday morning I’ll be doing the last event ride of the year, the Hains Point 100. It’s a flat ride in 3.3 mile laps. If you do 30, laps, good on you. I usually ride 7 to 10 laps, stopping to chat with friends and eat junk food. And Advil.

7 thoughts on “Flossing ain’t getting it done

  1. My last round of PT for shoulder/neck problems had me doing nerve gliding and I didn’t notice a difference at all. 😕 At least you know what *doesn’t* cause pain!

  2. Not sure if you have had a lumbar spine MRI, but it would not surprise me if you have a herniated disc. Also, I see you are using extensive PT sessions. Ever try a chiropractor? It has helped me. Not sure if there’s much difference between PT and chiropractor, but may be worth a shot. Lastly maybe switching off the bike to some other activity like swimming or just walking may help.

    1. Biking doesn’t bother me. Walking is very painful. I’m going to ask both the orthopedist and my GP if I may be dealing with after effects of the DVT. Most of the pain is in my left calf where the DVT was.

  3. Sorry for your difficulty. Haven’t heard of nerve flossing. Having an issue myself, may be low back related, but they say PT for everything cause they don’t know. Massage, acupuncture, hot epsom salt baths – whatever works.

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