In for a nickel

Today I did a one-on-one Feldenkrais session. It was mostly an evaluation of my physical situation. We only did about 15 minutes of movement, but I felt less pain when I was done.

After a long discussion of my physical abilities and disabilities. I walked across the room from corner to corner. It hurt and I had a pronounced limp.

Next, I assumed a fetal position on my right side on a padded table. My head was supported by a pillow. I looked at a spot on the wall, put my left hand on my head and raised my head up. Slowly. Just a few times.

Next I raised my left arm over my head as if I were doing a layup. Then I raised my feet. Then I combined the layup with the feet.

All of this was done gently.

When I started back was tense. When I finished it was loose. I walked across the room with only very minor discomfort and no limp.


We discussed next steps. I’m going to do 2 of these sessions each week for four weeks. They are not covered by insurance so it’s going to be expensive but no less so than three months of ineffective PT.

No guts. No glory.

3 thoughts on “In for a nickel

  1. I really hope this helps you. I had a friend who showed me an interesting way to stop shoulders from hunching. It wasn’t difficult and only took a minute or two, but the results were very noticeable.

    1. It’s surprisingly simple. I felt better (nowhere near 100% but improved) for a few hours just after 15 minutes. The idea is to teach yourself how to be aware of your body, how it feels, how it moves, how it holds itself when still.

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