No cane. No problem.

Today was a bit of a breakthrough. Knock wood. Cross fingers.

I made it to the evening without leg or back discomfort. I even forgot to bring my cane to the movies and only felt a bit of leg discomfort when walking to the car in the theater’s garage.

One day does not a cure make but I am pretty happy to get through a day without pain.

By the way, we saw Parasite, a Korean movies that is up for best picture, best director, and best foreign film at this year’s Academy Awards. It’s about a family of Korean grifters who get their hooks into a wealthy family. They don’t make movies like this in America anymore and it’s our loss.



2 thoughts on “No cane. No problem.

  1. I’m wondering whether your previous posts were a sign of less pain. Return of the Rootchopper! I hope so

    1. It’s been a gradual lessening that coincided with (perhaps coincidentally) with stopping PT and other fixes. Yesterday I lasted nearly the entire day without symptoms. Today is similar, but it’s early. Let’s see what a bike ride does to it

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