January records

I set two personal records this January.

Record number 1: I rode the most miles for a January ever. This is almost certainly the result of climate change. My long ride was 51 miles on a 70+ degree day. It was preceded by 41 miles on a 70+ degree day. In all, I rode 711 miles, all but 66 1/2 miles out of doors.  I am off to a pretty good start. Now watch it snow like a bitch in February.

Record number 2: I complained about my health more than ever before. I even out-complained January 2018 when I spent the month recovering from pulmonary embolisms and a collapsed lung. Things are looking up though. My leg pain has been significantly less in the last five days. Yesterday, I even walked, albeit with a cane, around the block and had minimal discomfort in my left leg. It came back today but I’m still optimistic. Today, I found out today that my insurance company approved my cortisone injections. (Funny, they probably wouldn’t bat an eye at surgery.) In February I resolve to do less whining and more wining.



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