Bike to What Day?

Okay, technically, I don’t work. But I hear most people do. How convenient because National Bike to Work Day happens every year on the third Friday in May. This year that will be May 15.  And registration is now open here in the DC area.

It’s the perfect opportunity to try bike commuting. You can ride alone, with a friend, or in a caravan (or should that be a bikavan?). Along the way you can hit your designated pitstop. That’s where you’ll find your free t-shirt and other free stuff.

Did I mention that Bike to Work Day is free?

And if you’re really rambunctious you can stop at other pitstops and pick up more free stuff.  (Pro tip: bring a spare pannier for all your free goodies.)

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, right?

You might be late for work. What do you mean your boss doesn’t like it when she’s late to work. Put a Bike to Work Day sign on her door. Then sign her up. Better yet tell your HR manager. Put a sign on his door. Sign him up too.

If you don’t work, invent a job. I am the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Rootchopper Institute.  (We’re still working on that all important mission statement.)

After work there are happy hours which is a good thing because you will be happy. Trust me. These aren’t free. You won’t care.

So click the link below and sign up. Act now. Don’t delay. Limited time offer. Restrictions apply. Blah blah blah.





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