Some pictures from recent days

Sadly, no cake.

There’s a meditation center about a mile from my house. The other day they put these banners up.

Are rocks animals?

Lately, people have been doing a lot of decorating with rocks. These ones have animals painted on them. Pandemic boredom, I suppose.

Hockey tape fixed my Grip Shifter

An unfortunately blurry shot of the right hand Grip Shifter on my Tour Easy. All the gippy stuff came off which left a slippery hard plastic shell. I put cloth friction tape (top half of picture) on it. Works like new. I hope it doesn’t get all messy when the hot weather comes.

Why lock it to a post when they give me this big special parking space?

I’ve been running a lot of errands lately. I went to the grocery store yesterday. It doesn’t have proper bike parking. Big Nellie has a free standing kick stand. I didn’t bother to lock it. I figured who’s going to steal it anyway? They’d probably crash within ten feet.

My hair appears to be infected

Well, the coronavirus hair situation is getting pretty crazy. This is actually the neatest it has looked in a couple of weeks thanks to the head covering I wore in today’s March weather. Too bad it’s May. Anyway, I have permanent bedhead.

3 thoughts on “Some pictures from recent days

  1. People have been painting lots of rocks here too, and lining them along the river. Have you even attended a meditation session? If I lived that close to one I would definitely check them out! Also, your hair looks far better than mine did. Thankfully I was able to get a mask haircut two days ago.

    1. No. I meditate alone. I’d feel self conscious about it in a group. I know because that’s how I feel about yoga classes. Introverts gonna vert. There’re a church nearby with a meditation circle. This place is going woo woo on me.

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