The Oxford Oops

I seem to be screwing up day rides a lot lately. I miss turns or lose track of my cue sheet. Today, I did the Oxford Loop ride on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It goes in a 33-mile circle from Easton to Oxford to St Michaels to Easton. Between Oxford and St Michaels, a ferry crosses the Tred Avon River. Or used to. Before the pandemic. I rode to Oxford never once seeing a sign indicating the ferry was not operating. (There were multiple signs near St. Michaels, for what it’s worth.)

Despite the faux ferry, I had a good time riding through farm fields and puttering about Oxford and St. Michaels, two colonial era towns. St. Michaels is called the town that fooled the British. In the War of 1812, the British fired on the town from ships in the bay. Townspeople hung lanterns in the trees and dimmed the lights in the town. The British, for the most part, overshot the town.

Without the ferry, the 33-mile ride turned into a 44-mile one. No worries. What’s 11 miles when it’s hot as Hades out.

I actually didn’t mind but I must say that I appreciated the little fountain near my parked car back in Easton. I took my helmet off and gave my head a good, cold soak.

Creepy house in a farmer’s field
Oxford marina
Old hotel in Oxford
Hall of Famer, Hometown Hero
Marina in St Michaels
I hear it all happened here
Typical lane in St. Michaels.

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