Miracle Cure

You don’t need medicine. Your diet doesn’t matter. Doing yoga isn’t helpful. What you need is a phone. All you have to do is call the doctor and make an appointment and your problem disappears.

This isn’t the first time that making an appointment has coincided with a recovery, but it sure is strange. After three weeks of increasing pain in my left leg, I gave in and made an appointment with a physiatrist, the pain doctor who I hoped would give me cortisone injections in my back. Of course, I had to wait three more weeks to see her.

My leg hasn’t hurt for three days.

It’s a miracle. Hallelujah. Go figure.

Regardless of my current pain situation, my appointment tomorrow is worth keeping to establish a rapport with the doctor who is new to me. It is unlikely that she’ll give me shots if I am asymptomatic. I might try walking to her office which is 3/4 of a mile away. That would probably cause the pain to come back.

On a related note, one of my sisters has been dealing with stenosis for quite some time. Today she had her first shots. “Stood me right up!” she reports. I hope it helps.

4 thoughts on “Miracle Cure

  1. Glad to hear the symptoms have abated. Don’t you just wish all medical issues worked that way. Smart move to go and see her anyway and start the relationship.

  2. Yeah, pain sucks. Some is natural for us bike riders. Chronic crap though is not right. Sadly. Hope you can get some relief, brother. And don’t get me started on insurance. Talk about a pain in the …! I’d go see a proctologist for that, but they’re not covered.

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