Even in 2020, you have to have goals

Since nearly every other thing I planned to do this year has gone bung, I have decided to keep one simple goal in sight: riding 10,000 miles for the third year in a row.

I found motivation and physical wellbeing to be in somewhat short supply this month. Still, with the help of the 50 States Ride and a string of 30 to 40 mile rides around town, I managed to grunt my way through 887 miles. It should have been far less because we had planned to go to Peru on vacation, but, well, you know. I would have ridden more but I wanted to watch as much Nationals baseball as possible. (I saw 59 out of 60 games and listened to the end of the 60th in the car on the way home from the 50 States.)

For the year, I’ve ridden 7,743 miles. So I have to average 752 miles per month the rest of the year. I’d say my chances are about 50-50.

4 thoughts on “Even in 2020, you have to have goals

  1. I let go of mileage goals years ago, but replaced that with experiences. For example, mini challlenges: riding all streets in a small city,coffeeneuring challenge, visit little libraries, etc. Bought a mountain bike this year to begin riding trails.

    Bravo on high mileage!

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