Pictures of the Year 2021

I made the special opening day section of the Washington Post. Let’s go, Expos!
Big Nellie broke her fork. After much searching, I found a replacement. Drs. Daniel, Beth, and Tim at Bikes at Vienna did the surgery.
I found a c-note on the side of the road. It turned out to be movie money.
I also found over 125 golf balls. Know anybody who golfs?
I did some day rides on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. One trip involved lots of storm damage. The Mule and I made it across this bridge thanks to the strategically placed metal guardrail lying on the side.
A soybean field and sky full of cotton on the Eastern Shore.
Friday Coffee Club began anew when Swing’s re-opened its G Street NW location.
It was my 13th time riding the 50 States Ride in DC. Lisa and Mike once again turned their Tacoma Park home into a pit stop. Nice people. Mike even laughs at my jokes. What more can you ask for, really?
Kevin and Michael pulled me along for another Cider Ride in November. We had a round or two at the after party at the Dew Drop Inn at the finish line in northeast DC.

Saw a bunch of Nats games. They were disappointing. But the ride to and from the park and my daughter’s company made up for it.
Rode the length of the W&OD three times. It’s what every bike trail aspires to.
At the finish of the 50 States Ride.
DC had an exceptionally long and vivid fall foliage display.
My first Covid vaccination. I got vaxxed three times for Covid and once for the flu. Didn’t hurt a bit. Minimal side effects. GET THE JAB!
Bernie went to the Biden inauguration. Some neighbors took a meme and ran with it.
After it went missing for seven months, I found my wedding ring in my backyard.

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