Pictures of the Year 2022

Finally. After 4 months!
I finally was placed on the Registry of Foreign Births. Officially Irish after a 3+ year wait. It took a few more months to get this nifty EU passport.
Jim, hotel proprietor and lock buster
I locked my bike up outside a the Colonnade Hotel in Fort Scott, Kansas. The lock froze but Jim the proprietor pulled out a hacksaw and saved the day.
Storm debris pile -early January 2022
We had our first bona fide snow storm in several years. After the snow melted we piled up the debris. This does not include the massive silver maple that dropped a huge chunk of wood that missed Gin’s car by inches. Alas, the tree has been cut down.
With Rachel in Redmond, Oregon
Always great to see a BikeDC expat in the wild. Rachel tracked me down in Redmond, Oregon. We went out for nachos and beer because we are classy. Thanks for stopping by Rachel
Approaching McKenzie Pass
Climbing to the top of McKenzie Pass in Oregon – Photo by Mark Ferwerda.

Corey, me and Mark at the Mother Ship
Made it to the mother ship again. This time with Corey (L) and Mark,
Cruising on to Alaska Avenue on my 14th 50 States Ride – Photo by Patti Heck. Used with permisson.
The 2022 50 States Ride posse at the Cathedral Heights pit stop. Everyone finished.
The 50 States posse!
We have a winner! I tested myself twice. So far it feels like I have a cold in my nose. Luckily I have a doctor appointment tomorrow anyway
I must have let my guard down once too often. I tested positive for Covid-19 when I got home from my tour. Thanks to being vaccinated four times my case was very mild.
Dude wouldn’t give me a stop sign.
I May Be Old, But I’m Slow
End of 2022 Odometer Readings. Clockwise from upper left: The Mule, The CrossCheck, Little Nellie, Big (Old) Nellie. 165,869 total. #specializedsequoia #surlycrosscheck #Bikefriday #Newworldtourist #Toureasy

7 thoughts on “Pictures of the Year 2022

  1. I still can’t believe you have access to Ireland for as long as you please now. The jealousy is so real. What I would give to live there long term. Who knows, maybe one day. You had lots of amazing riding this year, and I cannot wait to see what 2023 brings you.

  2. I skipped the photo op at Adventure Cycling the first time, thinking I hadn’t earned it yet (going west to east). This time I planned to get the picture but was sick. That was the day after I got my Paxlovid. Silver maples are notorious around here. They’re pretty brittle. I like the jersey in the right rear (the WI Bike Fed cow rampant).

      1. Not everybody! Cycle America posted a photo of me in that jersey on their Facebook page and a Belgian was offended. I asked the Bike Fed to explain since I’m not on Facebook.

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