Riding in 2022

I managed to ride 11,355 miles in 2022. About half of that was on The Mule (my Specialized Sequoia touring bike). Here’s a look by month and by bike. Note the teeny bit of riding on my Bike Friday New World Tourist. It’s a fine bike but I need to sell it for something I will ride more often.

For those of you who think you need a new bike, think again. Here are the odometer readings from December 31, 2022. All four bikes still work great.

End of 2022 Odometer Readings. Clockwise from upper left: The Mule, The CrossCheck, Little Nellie, Big (Old) Nellie. 165,869 total. #specializedsequoia #surlycrosscheck #Bikefriday #Newworldtourist #Toureasy
Clockwise from top left: The Mule (1991 Specialized Sequoia), The CrossCheck, Little Nellie (My New World Tourist folding travel bike), and Big Nellie – aka Old Nellie (My Tour East recumbent)

3 thoughts on “Riding in 2022

  1. LOL. I have three bikes, and I genuinely “need” all of them. Although I will say, my Cannondale Quick is looking less enticing over the year. I thought I would never let her go, but now I think I could. I look at her now as my backup should anything happen to my gravel bike.

    Amazing miles!

  2. You’ve done almost twice my mileage for the year. I have another friend who just hit 10K for the year. I am retired, have no obligations save one day of volunteering a week, live in a place where it barely rains and never snows yet I can only manage 6K/year. I amazed at your accomplishments.
    Also, I just bought a NWT this year and suitcase I can stuff it in. I plan to take it to Japan next year for a 2 week jaunt in Hokkaido.

  3. I really need to get rid of my NWT. But the resale market is lousy around here. I can’t ride it anymore because of my back issues but I did get quite a lot of use out of it

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