Winter’s Over? You’re Seeing Things!

Today, sometime after 1 pm, winter allegedly ended. j


The 42 degree bike commute felt like summer. The Mule was kind to my aching back and knees. We made decent time on the way to work. As an experiment, I kept track of the number of bike commuters who were male and female. The Washington Area Bicyclists Association has a program, led by the indominable Nelle Pearson, to encourage women to ride bikes. This puzzles me because so many of my bicycling friends are women. At one point the count was 5 male, 4 female. I thought so! Then I got into the thick of the bike commuters north of Alexandria. Final score: Males 26, Females 11. 

I would do this more often but I often go into a trance on my bike commutes. 

I only stopped once on the way to work. Some Canada geese were chowing down on the grass between the trail and the river north of Memorial Bridge. As I rode past, I spotted what I thought might be a bald eagle grazing among them. Nope. it was a white-headed Canada goose. An partial albino goose. I’d never seen such a thing.

I took a couple of pictures but left my camera in my handlebar bag which is in the shed. So I’ll post it tomorrow.

The ride home was pretty darn nice. 62 degrees at the start dropping to 58 degrees. They say winter is over. Don’t bet on it. The “S” word is in the forecast.