The 15th Day of Furloughmas: Coffeeneuring No. 6 – a Bait and Switch

Woke up. No work. Stumble and bumble about the house. Get me outta here.

I pulled The Mule out of the shed and headed for the site of the Wednesday Coffee Club: Best Buns in Shirlington. My route was a meander that included neighborhood streets, the Mount Vernon Trail, Old Town, Del Ray, and Arlandria. It was a lovely day out so there was no point in rushing. One reason for my slow pace was that I am getting used to my new saddle. Before starting out, I adjusted the saddle a bit by tilting the nose up just a tad. This will keep me from sliding forward on the slippery new leather.

After ten miles it was clear that this new saddle was going to take some getting used to. Having a firm, flat saddle under my butt was messing with my pedaling mechanics. Only one way to find out: pedal some more.

I stopped at Best Buns and was disappointed to see that their coffee was Starbucks. I’m not a fan, but I have to say that whatever roast they were serving was fine. I had a bacon cheddar scone with the coffee and it was pretty darn tasty.

The scone was better than the coffee
The scone was better than the coffee

After my coffeeneuring duties were done, I jumped on my bike and headed uphill into Fairlington, a planned community of row houses from decades ago. Not wanting to ride on busy Route 7, I turned and headed back downhill to Walter Reed Drive which took me to the W and OD trail. I’m getting sick of the W&OD so I decided to assault Mount Walter Reed. From the W&OD Walter Reed goes straight up. It goes so high that St Peter greets you at the top. Thanks to my granny gear I made it all the way without dying so St Peter gave me a pass for later use. I rode across Arlington and down to the Custis Trail which I took to the Key Bridge. It was so pretty along the river that a television cameraman was set up taking some footage of the twinking waters of the Potomac River below.

I rode with the cars and the buses and dodge a few pedestrians along M Street in Georgetown. Then more of the same on Pennsylvania Avenue. The plaza in front of the White House was open. I know the people who drive in DC hat that this stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue is closed but it sure makes for a great place for people to hang out.

The scone was wearing off so I headed for home. Down the 15th Street cycletrack to the 14th Street bridge. I did a bit of meandering along the Four Mile Run trail before heading across Del Ray to Old Town.  Having survived Walter Reed, I decided to take Fort Hunt Road which has a respectable hill. This one was no problem thanks, in part, to a tailwind. I was going to go 40 today, but my hunger got the best of me and I headed for home and some left over beef stroganoff.

After eating, I went into my basement and fetched a box for the trash. It contained all the award placards from my government career. After my parents dies, we were left with all kinds of memorabilia that meant something to them but were just stuff to us. So as a gift to my kids, I tossed my box of awards. They’ll get plenty of their own.

Box of Awards - Heave Ho!
Box of Awards – Heave Ho!

Coffeeneuring No. 6:

Place: Best Buns in Shirlington

Drink: Unspecified Starbucks with a splendid bacon and cheddar scone

Miles: 37

Observation: After the ride I lowered my saddle a touch which I hope will restore my mechanics.