449 Miles to Go?

After 11 months, I’ve ridden 7,551 miles, an average of 686 miles per month. I rode 675 miles in November despite missing 4 days for a business trip. Good weather helped a lot.

I rode to work 14 times, 10 times on the Mule and 4 on Deets. I have 162 bike commutes this year. Both bikes were rewarded for their hard labors with new chains and cassettes. I also rode 113 miles on Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent. Since I am out of practice I managed to have a slow speed crash of sorts that damaged my ego but not my body.

My long ride of the month was 53 miles during the Cider Ride.

I need 449 miles in December to get to 8,000 for the year. That’s only 3 more miles than I rode in January. I already know I will be missing 2 days to holiday parties. And I won’t be riding to work the last week of the year. On the plus side, I hope to ride a few dozen miles during the Hains Point 100 in mid-month. Fingers crossed….