It rained. It sleeted. It snowed. True to its policy, the National Park Service refused to sand, salt or plow the Mount Vernon Trail, leaving all of its bridges an icy mess for the week.


I fell on icy roads last winter and noticed that it was painful, so I decided to forgo orthopedic chaos this week and either drove to work or worked from home. I haven’t looked at my records but this may be my first weeklong shutout since Snowmaggedon.

The week wasn’t a complete loss. Since I had my car at work, I drove up to the fabulous WABA World Headquarters to pick up my prize for winning their membership drive. During the drive, I chose to sign people up for WABA memberships on the Mount Vernon Trail at the 14th Street bridge. It was my good fortune to pick the spot that several hundred bike commuters passed that evening.

My prize was a Chrome bike messenger bag filled with bicycling goodies: socks, a U-lock, a water bottle and cage, a refrigerator magnet, EPO, and a jersey.  (Just kidding about the EPO.) II was really kind of excited about the jersey. I don’t own a single bicycle jersey. The one I won is a large. I suspected that it was probably a little small for me. So I tried it on. Apparently, they acquired this jersey from.the new City Bikes store in Lilliput.  I looked like Will Ferrell in the cowbell sketch. I’m sure I can find some svelte person to give it to.

On Thursday night I drove to the WABA holiday party at the Bier Baron, which is located in the west end of DC, between Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Car traffic was gridlocked so after 15 frustrating minutes I kind of gave up on the party and turned toward Georgetown. Within a block I found free on-street parking. It was sign from God that I should not give up. I parked my car and walked a mile to the venue in the cold.

Inside there were a flabbergasting number of WABA people, so many that it was impossible to get a drink. I followed Alex and Chris to the basement bar. We hung out with other thirsty refugees including Dave, Brian, Chris B, and Lolly. The beer was pretty good except for a habanero laced pint that fearless Lolly ordered. It was muy picante. I sipped it and my mouth burned for 20 minutes. I can’t comprehend how anyone could ingest more than an ounce or two of the stuff.

After a while Chris B and I went back upstairs to mingle. I said hello to Megan and Colin along the way. We hung out with Katie (I’m pretty sure there’s a Kate Bicycle Cult in this town)  and her sister Liz. The hour was getting late-ish so I bid my farewells and braved the frigid temps to walk back to my car. Beer is good antifreeze. It felt great to walk with my jacket open. Take that winter!