Bike Tour 2022 – Second Day Off in Cañon City

We are chillin’ here at 5,300 feet hoping our bodies are acclimating to the altitude.

We hit breakfast at Mugs then rode west a couple of miles to Royal Gorge, an impressive bit of geological work by the Arkansas River. The Tunnel Trail begins with a 100-yard steep, paved climb. I was discouraged by how hard it was until I later rode down it. It was way steep.

Royal Gorge. Many more pix on my Instagram account

The remainder of the trail was unpaved and well maintained. There were four tunnels. The first three were only ten or twenty yards long; the last one was about 100 yards from end to end.

Longest tunnel on the trail

Words fail at how spectacular the scenery was. Pictures don’t do it justice either.

After the out and back Tunnel Trail we headed back to Cañon City. Corey suggested we take the River Trail along the Arkansas River. It was flat and calming.

Mark and Corey at the turnaround point

We stopped at WalMart on the way back to the Abbey. Mark bought fruit for tomorrow; I bought bungee cords to replace my failing cargo net.

River Trail is n Cañon City

Back at the Abbey we cleaned and lubed our chains. Each of us had different methods. Bike people are like that.

I tried to used the bungies to tie my dry bag onto my rack but after much effort I realized that the cords were too long so I returned to Walmart to exchange them for smaller ones. After much finagling and astute advice from Corey, I think the load on my rear rack will be much more secure and aerodynamic.

I hope this will be more better.

We ate PB&Js for lunch. It’s weird how much grape jelly weighs. My jar weighs a pound, so it’s being left behind to save weight. I’ll miss it.Corey’s solution to this is to buy peanut butter mixed with jelly. When I finish my small jar of Peter Pan, I’m going to try it.

Did I mention that the weather here is absolutely perfect: 65 – 80 degrees with low humidity and a cooling breeze. Do we have to leave? Yes, the assault on Hoosier Pass begins tomorrow.

We rode to dinner at a place called Mugs. I’ve eaten there three times already. We’re going there for breakfast before we start to climb.

Drivers here in eastern Colorado are impatient jerks. I’ll be happy to get out of here.

Miles today: 24 Tour miles: 1,260.5