May by the Numbers

It was a difficult month. My back woes came back with a vengence. And I had a stomach bug on top of that. By the second half of the month, my body finally got back toward normal.

I managed to crank out 746 1/2 miles in May. 419.5 of that was just riding to and from work 14 times. The rest was a hodgepodge of rides mostly for the heck of it. The longest ride of the month was last weekend when I rode to a get together in Meridian Hill Park in DC by way of a northern suburb. That ride was 64 1/2 miles.

Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent, logged the most mileage with 576. The Mule, my Specialized Sequoia, and Little Nellie, my Bike Friday New World Tourist, had 170 1/2 miles bewteen them.

I attribute my back recovery to new medications (I am off of all meds as of today) and riding Big Nellie.

I also started to experiment with clipless pedals. I like them a lot but I have come to understand that switching back and forth between clipless and clips-and-straps pedals is a bad idea.

For the year I have logged 2,788 miles. About 40 percent on Big Nellie and the Mule and the rest on LIttle Nellie. I’ve ridden to work 55 times.


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