Well, at Least I’m Not in Boston

T. S. Eliot didn’t live in Boston but he kind of nailed it when he wrote: April is the cruelest month. It takes at least a week into April before any semblance of spring arrives. You can tell it is spring because the snow starts to melt and all the frozen dog poo thaws out.

So you can see why I moved to DC. Except in DC March is the cruelest month. We began March this year with one of my favorite meterological events, an ice storm. Here’s the front of my car. 16499432758_0e1c089b69_zThe rest of the car looked like a Honda Popsicle.  As you might imagine, biking to work was out of the question. Just getting back to the house after retrieving the newspaper this morning would have made Shackleton bust his buttons.

So I drove. The temperatures rose well into the 40s for most of the day. This is what Arlo Guthrie calls “tanning weather in the Berkshires.”

I drove home looking for signs of ice and snow on the Mount Vernon Trail. Sure enough there were enough stretches of nasty stuff that I decided to drive tomorrow. I want to that the National Park Service for its stellar job of promoting cross country skiing in the region by not plowing the trail. The two people who skied on the trail last week must be badass Nords.

Speaking of Nords, Mrs. Rootchopper and I went to see Le Vent du Nord on Saturday night. This is a four-piece folk band from Quebec. They sing in French and sound a bit like the Chieftans by way of Paris. They played in a small venue in Germantown MD. We sat about ten feet from the edge of the stage. I had low expectations since my high school French is now hopelessly lapsed and I can’t understand most of the lyrics to the songs. It didn’t matter. The performance was one of the very best musical events I’ve ever seen. The fiddle player sat directly in front of us. He sang, played awesome fiddle, and kept a frenetic beat with his feet. I swear the man “ran” 10 miles during the two-hour show.  The band also features a hurdy gurdy. I’d never seen or heard one before. Long story short, I can’t wait until they come back.

The forecast for the DC area calls for some subfreezing temperatures and rain, snow or sleet off and on through Thursday. Looks like the Honda is going to get some more use.

One thought on “Well, at Least I’m Not in Boston

  1. I tried the MVT on Friday morning. From Belle View to the marina, there were some 2″ stretches of dry. All of sudden, right by the marina’s nice shady areas (great in summertime), it was just solid ice. This continued on and off all the way to OT. I kept trying to unclip, walk, and then clip back in to ride again. Except I got so much ice in my shoes, that I ended up walking the whole stretch from the marina to the Wilson Bridge, where upon I spent 10 minutes picking ice out of my cleats so I can complete my ride.

    I’m not even sure the MVT qualifies for cross country skiing. I would say, more luge, than anything else. Anyway, I’ve been doing the commute now through Eisenhower through Del Ray then through Crystal City and behind the Pentagon. Surprisingly, it’s fairly easy. It just adds about 15 minutes to my commute time and has a few stop lights.

    I don’t mind winter storms IF it warms up following them and melts as it’s almost always done for my entire life. This year, the crap fell and then it just stayed. I bet half that snow is still from the first storm. Stupid winter.

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