Springing for a Few Hours

It is so frustrating. I want to ride in warm air but the air doesn’t warm up until mid-afternoon.

I procrastinated like mad all morning. Finally, with temperatures in the mid-40s I headed out. I rode to Spokes Etc. Belle Haven shop, my local bike store. I was expecting a long line at the service area but there was none. I asked Carlos to check out my chain. It’s been making crunchy noises that no amount of cleaning and lubing can fix. Carlos declared my chain to be dead. Unfortunately, despite the lack of a line there was enough work in the queue that I’d have had to wait and hour for him to replace the chain and casette (which was also toast). So I decided to bring the bike in after work during the week. One of the best things about this shop is their willingness to squeeze in small jobs like this.

After my stop at the bike shop, I noticed that the temperature had risen into the 50s. Not warm, but warm-ish. I tweeted that I was out and about. Bob “Don’t Call Me Rachel” Cannon was hanging with his wife Liz and one of their foster dogs at a cafe in Del Ray about 4 miles away. I rode like the wind to join them. Well actually I rode like a gentle breeze. Fast I ain’t.

Along the way I passed a new pizza place on Belle Haven Road between Fort Hunt Road and the Mount Vernon Trail. It’s a sister store to Del Ray Pizzeria. It has an interesting menu and beaucoups beers on tap and in bottles. Just the thing for the hungry cyclist. Two caveats however. First, they have no bike racks for bike parking. Second, access from the Mount Vernon Trail involves crossing the GW Parkway at grade. This is not a lot of fun. An alternative is to take the U1 connector trail from South Washington Street to Fort Hunt Road. Take FHR to a left on Belle Haven Road.

By the time I arrived at Del Ray, where Bob and Liz were coincidentally dining, the temperature had risen into the 60s. Ahhhhh. I spent an hour or so talking to Bob and Liz. Their dog had one albino eye and one brown eye. I tried to get a picture bit he kept turning his head. Dog vanity is a bitch.

I headed home. I am pretty sure I am carrying an extra five or ten pounds because the hills on Fort Hunt Road seemed like L’Alpe d’Huez. I was so slow. Maybe I need one of those super fast Surlys like KL has. Springing for a few bucks?

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