On a Happier Note: SHORTS!

Finally, I could leave the house wearing shorts. Goodbye wind/rain pants if only for a day. Since it was warm-ish (low 50s) and dry I could wear bicycling footwear which means I could go clipless which means “Tell Q: Send Little Nellie.”

Little Nellie for you noobs is my Bike Friday New World Tourist. It is spry and twitchy and fun to ride, except on ice and snow. It hasn’t gotten much use since November but boy was it fun to get it out on the road again. I felt like I was flying. (We won’t mention the tailwind. Okay? Good.)

It was cloudy out so sunrise was a dud, but the fair weather runners like the Hoppy Guy and the Three Step Runner were out doing their thing. The bald eagles were nowhere to be seen. Sea gulls and Canada geese seemed to be competing to see which could make the most noise.

When I left work it was in the 70s. I decided to head to Hains Point for a few laps. It turned out that my morning tailwind was now a significantly stronger headwind. 15 miles of it awaited me. I did the only logical thing. I tacked on 8 miles to my commute. As I rolled down Buckeye Drive in East Potomac Park, I heard my name called. I turned around and met up with Chris B. and Mary. Soon we were joined by Brian and Rudy. It was a pre-Friday Coffee Club roll out. Or in. Or around. Sadly, nobody brought and coffee or fritters. We made do by riding down to Hains Point. Nobody complained about the headwind. After one lap, Brian, who had done an indoor bike race yesterday evening, peeled off and Dave joined in. Another lap happened. It was only a couple of laps but everybody was in such a good mood.

A friend of mine left town a month ago. Her last words to me were “Be happy.” For the second week in a row, I seem to be fulfilling her aspiration for me.

I decided to head for home. 12 miles of headwind. I didn’t even care. The warm air felt so good on my pathetically pale legs. Taking advantage of my bike’s little wheels, I weaved in and out of all the runners and walkers and scooterers on the trail. After 38 1/2 miles, my legs will be dead tomorrow. But they are happy today.

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