Perfect, Pants, and Cheese Fries in OT

Yesterday I received my new fancy rain pants in the mail. Today, the weather gods cooperated and I got to try them out. They fit me a tad tight which is to say they fit me like bicycle pants. My previous rain pants were of the hiking persuasion. I had my doubts that my new pants would get the job done but they performed flawlessly.

The ride to work was mostly wet and gray. The rain stopped for a few minutes around the ten mile mark then resumed.

I rode into DC to attend Friday Coffee Club. At the traffic light at Maine Avenue I ran into (not literally) Mary, Coffeeneur, Randonista, Errandonnista, and co-founder of Friday Coffee Club. It’s not every day you meet a celebrity, Sadly, I forgot to ask for her autograph, At the Washington Monument she hung a looie and I banged a right. She beat me to Swings House of Caffeine by a couple of minutes. I don’t mind taking a longer route since I got to ride in front of the White House which I regard as a pretty cool way to start the day.

For a crummy weather day, Swings was pretty crowded. Over 20 bike commuters showed up. I knew all but a couple of them, not bad for an introvert.

The ride to work featured a rare Perfect on the narrow TR Bridge. A Perfect means that I did not have to stop to let a DC-bound rider pass.

I planned to work until 2 then sneak out to a bar with my co-worker Allison, who, like myself, attended Boston University. We were going to watch the BU-Yale NCAA hockey playoff game. At 1 my boss and several other co-workers got all hyper and agitated about something and called a meeting for 3 pm. Lovely.

Somehow the meeting was moved up to 2:30. After 30 minutes the agitated folks decied that I would do all the work while they went home. As soon as that meeting was over, Allison was sucked into a vortex of Friday afternoon deadline anxiety.

If we ever get out of here, thought of giving it all away… (Wait, somebody else wrote that.)

Finally, we escaped the maelstrom and made it to a nearby bar. We joined the game with a little over 3 minutes remaining and the score tied 2-2. BU had a nice power play opportunity and squandered it. Then with seconds remaining in regulation, Yale committed another penalty. Then the game went into overtime.

To sustain us through the wait for OT Allison ordered some cheese fries. They were disgusting. Of course, I ate some. I needed help digesting them. So I had a few Shiner Bocks. Fortunately, BU scored a goal and my digestive system was saved from further abuse.

I rode home in my new fancy pants. They were a bit tighter thanks to the cheese fries and the Shiner Bocks.

I am presently tired. I rode over 160 miles in the last five days. Just getting to and from work. If I keep this up, I’ll be in fine shape for the mid-May bike trip from Pittsburgh to DC that I am doing with Ryan and Kevin. Ir will be perfect. I will not need fancy pants. There will be beer. I think I’ll pass on the cheese fries, though.

2 thoughts on “Perfect, Pants, and Cheese Fries in OT

  1. Cheese fries – like sirens of the food world, they lure you in, call your name, and then leave you feeling wrecked. I wish I could live off cheese and potatoes, but alas, I don’t bike enough!

  2. My weakness is cookies!! I always tell people that wonder why I ride to and from work that I get 20 miles per cookie. Usually I tell them this as I point to their SUV and ask what they get. The problem is that I keep eating them like that during the winter when I don’t ride as much! I now have about 5 pounds to lose. That’s better than I’ve done in the past where it was 10 to 15!!

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