I did not get the photography gene in my family. This genetic anomaly has not kept me from taking photos. So today I present some less than amazing pictures from today’s bike commuting extravaganza.

First, the obligatory cherry blossoms in the gloom picture I took on my way to Friday Coffee Club.


It’s hard to get a depressing picture or the cherry blossoms in all their glory but I managed to pull it off.

The Mount Vernon Trail in addition to being my main route to work is also a part of several interstate bicycle touring networks. On the way home I spotted yet another sight of spring: the year’s first bicycle tourist. I pulled out my camera and promptly misfired. So I took this picture over my shoulder.


There he is. Four panniers and a handlebar bag with a map. He even gave me a big smile thinking I was actually taking a picture of his face.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I will attempt to help Mrs. Rootchopper celebrate her birthday. I will probably not get any good pictures of the event. I caught a weather report on one of the Spanish language channels tonight and even though I don’t speak Spanish I could tell that “excelente” and “fin de semana” means the tiempo will be muy buen for a bike ride. I hope to do one on Sunday.

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