Big Nellie in Hunt Country

Yesterday was Mrs. Rootchopper’s birthday. Right on schedule the two young men from the Hybla Valley Nursery delivered her weeping cherry tree. It replaces a dead silver maple transplanted last year. Since I had to plant the cherry tree alone (Mrs. Rootchopper had to work. Don’t get me started on her employer!) I had pretty much one shot at getting the heavy root ball into the hole. The nursery folks advised widening the hole that I had already dug. So I did. Then, with fingers crossed, I dropped the root ball into the hole. PEFECTION!!!! My father’s gardening gene really helped I think.

Birthday present for Gin.  Weeping cherry tree

In celebration I took the holy sweater to the dry cleaner. After that I drove to get Mrs.RC some candy and flowers.

Then I mowed the lawn.

While I was doing all of this, I was also doing three loads of laundry. And I didn’t shrink anything. (I lost 6 socks but nobody’s perfect.)

Last night I watched Boston U, my alma mater, play for the national championship in college hockey. They score four goals. Providence College scored three. Providence won. BU’s goalie inadvertantly kicked the puck in his own net.

I needed some outdoors therapy. So this morning I put Big Nellie on the back of my car and drove to The Plains Virginia for some country riding. I rode up Bull Run Mountain. It wasn’t bad. The ride down was very steep in spots. I would have loved to let it rip but the road is not in the best condition so I had to feather my brakes often. There were stone fences and horses and mountain vistas. The trees have not quite leafed but there were flowers and blooming trees and blossoming shrubs and hills. Did I mention the hills? Recumbent bikes don’t much like hills. Going up them at least. Neither do my glass knees. If you want to do street luge you gotta climb the hills.

Spin, spin, spin. DSCN3665_798


Repeat. About 20 times.

During the fun I missed a turn because I was using a 10 year old cue sheet. So much for my 44 mile day.

I rode into Middleburg and Marshall and Rectortown and Atoka, in declining order of excitement.

But I really wasn’t after excitement. I wanted a nice long, not-too-hard, ride during which I could contemplate nothin, enjoy an earworm,  and sing badly and get a halfway decent workout. Misson accomplished.



I regret to report that I neglected to get an OBS (Obligatory Barn Shot) or a OCS (Obligatory Cow Shot). This means that I will get a black mark from Mary the Randonista. I deserve it, I’m afraid.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the tidal basin on the way to work. Not literally as it is filled with water. I am going to walk around it under the cherry blossoms as long as they are still in good shape. Based on the 2,798,345 pictures I have on my social media feeds I suspect I will get a decent show.

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