The Young and the Restless

I am back to commuting on my new lightweight Mule. The ride in was dominated by a “Wah Wah” earworm. Beyond that I don’t remember much about it. Probably this is a carry over from my six days of bike trance on the trails from Pittsburgh. (More about the mental aspect in a future post.)

I had to wait 15 minutes to leave the garage at work because it was rain was pouring down and Lynn Street in Rosslyn was a river. Impatiently I rode out in the rain. Lucky for me it stopped in about five minutes. I expected it to start up at any moment.

I rode straight home. A mile down the Mount Vernon Trail, I had to stop. Goslings were bopping about in the grass nexDSCN3980_1107t to the trail.

At the south end of Old Town a mother held her toddler boy’s hand as I rode past on the trail. He was dying to go into a big mud puddle next to him. As I was about to ride into it, he said “Puddle! Puddle!” and pointed at the water. I either upset him or gave him a big thrill.

A couple of hundred yards later on the north side beneath the Wilson Bridge, I nearly ran over a five foot long black snake. Next up, just a short ways further on the south side of the bridge, I rode past a medium sized turtle. It was about twice the size of a box turtle so I am guessing it was an immature snapper.

I was sure I was done with the critters after that. I left the trail at the stone bridge and rode a quarter mile on Alexandria Avenue. The road was wet from the rain so I focused on not slipping as I turned left onto Shenandoah Road. As I leaned into the turn, I was startled by three white tailed deer directly in my way. Two went left. One went right. I rode through the middle thankful that there weren’t any more to startle.

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