38 Special and the Merry Bike Month of May

May is National Bike Month. I made the most of it. I rode 951 miles. 873 miles were on The Mule, my 1991 Specialized Sequoia touring bike.  79 miles were aboard Little Nellie by Bike Friday New World Tourist. Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent took the month off.

I rode to work 14 times, 12 times on The Mule and twice on Little Nellie for a total of 401 ½ miles.  Ironically, I did not ride my bike to work on Bike to Work Day. This is actually normal for me because, for some strange reason, I frequently have work or family conflicts on the third Friday in May.

I took The Mule on a bike tour from Pittsburgh to DC. The total mileage of the tour plus riding to and from the start and finish was 371 miles.  (There are something like 12 or 13 blog posts about the ride so a single link would be kind of pointless.)

I rode to Nats Park and saw a baseball game with Katie Lee. Afterwards I rode with her to the Capitol to do her victory lap.

I also rode my bike to the Tour de Fat. In prior years, this event – a party in Washingon’s beautiful Yards Park to raise money for WABA and other local bike organizations – has left me flat. This year was very different. I really enjoyed hanging out with a more than dozen #bikedc friends. My only regret was that I didn’t volunteer. I will do so next year if I am in town. Promise.

Early in the month I rode the Tour de Cookie. It was for a good cause. There were so many cookies I couldn’t eat them all.

During the last week of the month, I cracked 3,000 miles for the year. I ended the month at 3,118 ½ miles. I have biked to work 66 times this year. What I find interesting is how many miles I am riding on my oldest bike. I have put 2,093 ½ miles on The Mule in 2015 and ridden it to work 45 times. On the last day of May, The Mule celebrated with a milestone:


Just before the tour, I went shopping for a new touring bike, one with a slightly bigger frame than The Mule’s. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I need to get back to shopping. I am going to wear The Mule out.

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