Errandonnee No. 1: Little Nellie Goes to the Cleaners

The Errandonnee 2016 starts today. The idea behind this friendly contest is to ride 12 errands in 12 days. There are rules because, well, there are always rules.  I worked from home so I missed out on a coffee run (which qualifies in the social run category) and a bike commute (which qualifies in the very clever ride to work category).

At about 3 pm, I started feeling not so hot, but I still wanted to do an errand, so I went to get my dry cleaning. It would be more convenient to have my dry cleaning done at the shop in the building where I work, but the people who run my local shop are nice folks and I want to support them.

The ride was 2 1/2 mile round trip. It was cold and a bit breezy. Apparently, the turn signals on many cars in my neighborhood don’t work. This was annoying but I decided not to let the drivers kill me anyway. I did not die. By the time I got home, I felt almost like I wanted to die. My tummy and my head hurt.

I think I’ll curl up with a good book, have a beer, and hope Mr. Sandman does his thing.

Control Card  Entry No. 1

Category: Store (might qualify in a couple of others)

Distance: 2 1/2 miles

Errand: Pick up the dry cleaning. (It was only a pair of slacks so I folded them carefully and put them in my pannier for transport.)

Observation: Riding while sick is not a lot of fun. But neither is driving a car. So you might as well ride.

Picture: Little Nellie at the Dry Cleaners  with a Pannier (sounds like the game Clue).


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