Day 3 -Sleep, Drugs Repeat

Since I nearly died (or didn’t as the case may be), I have been taking sick days from work. So far just Monday and Tuesday. I briefly considered working from home today. Then, after taking my meds, I sat down in my comfy chair and fell asleep until noon. I woke up with a “where am I” feeling. Groggy.

I am currently taking  a cocktail of medications. Prescription strength doses of Advil for pain, Advair for my asthma, Flonase for my sinuses, Zithromax for the infection, albuterol to quiet my airways.

I am coughing a lot and, for the first time in a week, mucus is coming up (sorry, gross!). Unlike last week, it’s dark, a telltale sign of infection. I am hoping to be well enough to get on my bike tomorrow and ride to work but my rule is if I am too sick to ride, I am too sick to be in the office. Taking two sick days in a row is extremely rare and messes with my pride.

The ER doctor and the EMTs both remarked on my cardiovascular condition. I imagine most overweight 60 year olds with a lung infection on top of asthma are a real mess. My vitals signs, despite my obvious physical distress were normal. (“We have a boring patient in bay 13.”) Actually, they are normal for an average bloke; both my blood pressure and my pulse were on the high side for me. (My dad was a physician. He did my pre-grad school physical one year. He took my pulse three times. Each time he got 48. I had to explain to him that running does that.)

So athletic friends it’s a good idea to tell you doctor that you bike or run or hike a whole bunch.

On second thought, I probably carried this infection for quiet a while and my strong heart and lungs compensated for it. Sunday night they raised the white flag and I went down for a nine count.

I never lost consciousness. The pain never went anywhere near my heart. In fact, the pain has all but disappeared now.

So I am going to curl up with a soft pillow and a snuggie and “enjoy” my sick day. And if you think for one minute that I am not riding on Bike to Work Day, you’re nuts. Gonna get it done.

My apologies to my kids overseas for posting ER pictures on social media and freaking them out. Now you know a little bit of what it’s like to be a parent.

My extreme thanks to all those of you who have sent me good wishes on social media. For those of you who have my phone number, please don’t call. I need to sleep.

And to all of you, get out there and ride. It’s Bike to Work Week!


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