My Brain’s Infected, I Swear

I had difficulty sleeping last night. The antibiotics are taking their time to kick in. Coughing and blowing my nose was the rule of the wee morning hours. Finally I got out of bed, if only to give Mrs. Rootchopper some peace. I ended up in my comfy chair and was soon fast asleep for four hours.

Feeling okay, I asked to be allowed to work from home. Then I made breakfast. Cereal. Man, this tastes funny.  These meds are messing with my sense of taste. Needing calories, I ate the whole thing. A few hours later, I checked the milk. Ten days past its sell date and sour.

Later in the day I exchanged emails with my friend Katie, who is a pretty strict vegan. We are both volunteering for Tour de Fat on Saturday. It’s an outdoor fundraiser for local bike advocacy groups.The forecast is calling for cold rain. I told Katie to wear wool.

The infection has done spread to my brain, Augustus. I swear.



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