Bike to Work Week: 0-4

I feel completely pathetic. I thought for sure I’d feel up to riding to work today. Last night at 4 I felt great. So great in fact that I went to the Tour de Fat Volunteers Party. I hung out with a bunch of friends and drank a few beers, staying with the lowest alcohol ones on the menu.

When I got home I watched the end of the Nats game (We win!) and went to bed. I felt totally fine.

I woke up feeling like I had regressed a day. So I worked from home, spending half the day on the deck with my assistant who I found hiding in the deck umbrella:


At 5 I rode Little Nellie to the hardware and drug stores. Seed for the birds and a rinse gizmo for my sinuses. The ride there was a bit of a slog. The ride home was nearly normal, until I got to the slight up-slope on my front long and my legs said “Nope. Not gonna happen.” I’ll have to keep this in mind for my ascent of Mt. Rosslyn in the morning.

I don’t care what I feel like tomorrow. I will ride to work. After work I’ll ride to pick up my packet for Sunday’s DCBikeRide. On Saturday I am volunteering at the Tour de Fat event. The weather forecast calls for cold rain all day. My only concession to the rain will be that I’ll drive to someplace near DC and bike to the event from there. Same goes for Sunday.





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