UP Bike Tour – Day 1

I was worried that I’d puke on the ferry crossing to Wisconsin this morning but Lake Michigan was like glass. I ate breakfast on the boat and took a nap. I awoke thinking in was still in the hotel! Then I heard the rumble of the ship’s engines and went back to sleep.

Once across the lake, I made arrangements for a campsite near Freedom WI. ‘Merica.

Once clear of Manitowoc where an SUV nearly hit me during a dangerous pass, the ride was bliss. Rolling hills. Tailwinds. Farms. Simpson’s clouds.

At one point I spooked a red wing blackbird. It followed me for a quarter of a mile chirping in protest.

Another highlight was riding side by side with a fawn who had lost its mother. Mama deer made a bleating sound from the high reeds near the road and the fawn reversed course and dove into the reeds.

The finale was the pair of sand hill cranes feeding next to the road.

I am drinking $1 beers from frosted mugs and eating tater tots with cheese in them. When in Rome…

I have a mile or 2 to go before setting up camp for the night.


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