UP Bike Tour – Day 2. Breakfast for 3

I slept all of two minutes last night. The drunken campers two slots over were watching the movies until midnight. And it was way colder than I expected. And my sleeping pad is useless.

So I got up early and hit the road. I ended up in Freedom (I kid you not) on the 4th of July. As I was about to raid a minimart, a local told me to eat at Rico’s around the corner . So I did.

For $12 + tip I got 2 plates of food, a giant glass of OJ, and 3 1/2 mugs of watery coffee. I simply could not eat it all. Good thing too. All the other Rico’s customers were about as large as you might expect.


For some reason the next 15 miles seemed uphill the whole way.

There were farms. Of every persuasion. It was depressing to see the veal operations. I don’t eat veal often but I think I’ll stop altogether now.

For much of the ride I was off in space. I’d sort of snap out if it from time to time. My biking is my meditation indeed.

I was serenaded by red wing black birds all morning. Their chirps were so regular they had me wondering if something was clicking on my bike.  A pair of quail burst out of some roadside underbrush.


The terrain began to get hillier. Despite this, I was considering pushing for an 85 mile day until I met a cross country bike tourist heading east. He stayed at the campground I was shooting for. He said it was crap so I went back to plan A. I stopped at 70 miles. The campground is quiet and has a waterfall.


Tomorrow is set to be my first 80 mile day. That’s the plan but I’m going to take it one mile at a time,  Riding  between over and next.

5 thoughts on “UP Bike Tour – Day 2. Breakfast for 3

  1. Welcome to the world of touring. Lack of sleep is very common in campgrounds. Every time I hear a red winged blackbird I feel like I clicked on something in Windows 99.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the photo. I remember meeting you but is was brief. I was prolly hot and bothered!! I’m surprised you found my Ronnie’s Adventure ll. I though I had not really released it and was having a few friends read it over to find all my mistakes. But hey, here you are. I have been reading through your “stuff”. It looks like you took a break from 2012 to 2016. I’m glad you are back and will ad you to my reading list.

    Your blog looks and reads great. I was tempted to do my trip on WordPress but went with blogspot instead. I like your format better. Better photo presentation.

    Anyway. I’ll be reading you. Safe travels.

    This is my daily group ride. https://www.facebook.com/groups/216932491826834/

    Most of us are retired.


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