The Fat Lady Isn’t Singing Yet

As the saying goes, the opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Folks, it’s mid-February. The fat lady of winter isn’t doing her number for many weeks. I know because it was in the 20s on the way to work this morning. The edge of the river had frozen.


For the next week or so we’ll have some April weather. Don’t get complacent. The fat lady is warming up, so to speak, in the wings.

I am hoping on banking out some serious mileage in celebration of our temporary spring. What’s on your President’s Day weekend to do list?

3 thoughts on “The Fat Lady Isn’t Singing Yet

  1. Rode my bike to the Farmers market – an epic 10 block round trip that requires a beer stop midway. And I did a little fiddling with a project bike – 1986 Schwinn Passage (tourer) got a new cockpit. And I signed up (and paid) for my first organized bike ride in about 7 years – the Tour De Lopez in Washington (state) San Juan Islands. I’m gonna have to do more than ride 10 blocks once a week soon.

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