Coming Out of Hibernation

For the last few weeks I have felt sore, tired, and sluggish. I put on my pants for work yesterday and discovered my winter noshing has gotten the best of my waist line. How depressing. Daylight savings time starts tomorrow so it’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself and kick it into gear.  Here’s how March is shaping up (with the  14 more bike commutes to boot):

  • Tuesday March 14
    • aerobic snow shoveling
    • eye doctor appointment
  • Thursday March 16: Alexandria bike/ped happy hour
  • Sunday March 19: volunteer at the Vasa Ride
  • Wednesday March 22: WABA happy hour in Alexandria
  • Friday March 31: Nationals vs. Red Sox exhibition game

So as a warm up, the last couple of days I did this:

  • Dropped Mrs. RC’s car off at dealer. Put Little Nellie in the trunk and biked to and from work. Six mile round trip bike commutes are like kissing your sister.
  • Registered for Car Free Day on Skyline Drive in late April.
  • Rode Deets to the barber shop for a haircut. All were cut. Will be wearing a hat for a few weeks.
  • Picked up some prescription eye drops which were free (I don’t understand but I’m not asking questions.)
  • Drove Little Nellie to Spokes Etc. to have its brake levers adjusted. (The left one was farther forward than the right causing my left shoulder to ache.) Had them install new bar tape. It’s more better now. Used my WABA member discount.
  • Made a donation to WAMU, one of our local public radio stations.
  • Booked my flight to Indianapolis for my daughter’s college graduation. ($5.60 – Southwest frequent flyer program ain’t half bad.)
  • Booked hotel for graduation. (Bad.)
  • Signed up for an April ride to help the homeless.

So April’s pump is primed. In addition to the events I just signed up for, April has two birthdays, a baseball game in Baltimore, the Climate March in DC, a possible road trip to see the Nationals play Philadelphia, and a possible Nats game against the Mets after the Climate March.

May promises to be busier still. Graduation (and a 12 hour drive home). A Le Vent du Nord concert. At least two bike events. A volunteering stint. Baseball. And maybe, just maybe, a hike if I can find the time. I need to pace myself. I wouldn’t want to end up in an ambulance again like I did last year.

Tomorrow I may go to up to DC to see the cherry blossoms. They not nearly at peak but the coming cold snap may ruin the show this year. Funny things happen at the cherry blossoms. Today, Brian proposed to Nicole. She apparently said “Yes.” Of course, this was posted to social media with pictures of the two of them smiling and a ring and blossoms. But these days one can never be too sure.

Heartfelt congratulations to two allegedly nice people.



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