Errandonnee Finis!

After some finagling, I managed to complete the 2017 Errandonnee. I did rides in all nine categories:


  • Personal Care: 2
  • Personal Business (could also be Non-store errand): 1
  • You carried WHAT on your bike (or back): 1
  • Arts and Entertainment: 1
  • Non-Store Errand: 1
  • Social Call (includes restaurants, coffee, and other social activities): 1
  • Work or Volunteering: 2
  • Store (includes bike shop, running store, grocery store, etc. You know, a store.) 2
  • Wild Card (surprise me!): 1


I blew past the 30 mile requirement after my third errand (a 29 1/2 mile ride to work). Here are the links.

Errands 1 and 2

Errand 3

Errand 4

Errand 5

Errand 6

Errand 7

Errand 8

Errand 9

Errands 10 and 11

Errand 12

And most importantly, I survived.




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