Mr. Consistency – March by the Numbers

I rode 664.5 miles in March. This is 1/2 mile more than January and five miles more than February. I didn’t plan it that way. It just happened.

I rode to work 18 times. I shifted from The Mule to Little Nellie after 5 commutes because The Mule hit 43,000 miles. I rode 27.5 miles indoors on Big Nellie. After riding it outdoors for another 16.5 miles, I announced to Mrs. Rootchopper that I was selling it as it was bothering my peripheral neuropathy. She advised me to keep it for those times when my back is bothering me. So I will.

I rode Deets, my Surly Cross Check, only 83 miles this month. Pretty soon I will switch over to Deets full time as I did last summer.

I volunteered at the Vasa Ride and had a pretty good time despite freezing my ass off.

I didn’t do any rides over 37 miles. The weather generally sucked and all the commuting killed my legs.

I participated in the Errandonnee and lived to tell about it. Barely. I have yet to tally up my rides. I forgot to take pictures of two of my errands so I will throw myself at the mercy of the Errandonness. (Maybe I’ll bribe her with a coffee, too.)

So for the first three months of the year I’ve ridden 1,988 miles. A little less than half of that was on The Mule. I’ve ridden to work 45 times. It looks like I’ll make 100 before I retire.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Consistency – March by the Numbers

  1. Wow! 45 times. I’ve done 33, roughly 1/3 of my target 100 which is the same as last year. How far is your commute each way roughly?

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