Ear Bud Coffee Ninja Tuesday

Yesterday on the Mount Vernon Trail was Butt Cheek Monday. My thanks, once again, to the designers of skin tight running shorts for women. Today was Ear Bud Coffee Ninja Tuesday.

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I was plodding along going up a slight rise in the trail. The base of the rise is where I was nearly shuffled off my mortal coil by the driver of an SUV a couple of weeks ago.  As I made my way past the bus stop, a man came off a staircase to my right and walked directly in front of me. He was in ear bud heaven and his left hand held a cup of joe at about the level of my head. If I had hit him it would have been a literal hot mess.

I froze, proving that meditation can get you only so far in bike crash world. I swerved left and came to a stop avoiding making a four-ten split of some more folks waiting for the bus doors to open. (Why the heck do all these people have to stand when the bus is just sitting there with its doors shut?)

I said something exclamatory that did not include the letter f, shook my head, and rode away. Ear bud coffee ninja didn’t say a word.

I have ridden past this bus stop thousands of times. This is the first time I nearly crashed into someone. Maybe all my past caution has given me a big balance in the karma bank.

Today was cool with rain and wind. By Saturday, it will be 90F degrees. Bring it on. I am torn between riding 16 miles to the Climate March or riding 16 miles to the Nationals baseball game. (They are both in DC, about a mile apart.) Everybody knows that saving the planet is roughly as important as winning the NL East.


One thought on “Ear Bud Coffee Ninja Tuesday

  1. I have noticed that in addition to the skin tight running shorts I see a lot of women in form fitting yoga pants, I am not against these trends.

    Your Coffee ninja reminds me that I need to get in better shape so I can start riding roads and stop riding the bike path, my marginal gains from being able to go slow on a nice smooth flat path are offset by my increased stress at dealing with all the multi-use obliviousness I get to experience on the path.

    I just bought a 1/2 price ticket to see the Seattle Mariners later this month (its about as much as their current record warrants lol) and inspired by you, I think I will ride my bike. After the game, by the time I either wait for a bus near the stadium or walk 10 blocks into downtown to catch one, I could be most of the way home on two wheels. Safeco field has 150 bike spots in one of the parking garages that are free, so it “should” be straight forward.

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