No Way So Hey Day One

After goodbyes to the women of the house, I rolled out with the usual pretour jitters. They went away after about 3 miles.  

The Mule was tracking like it was on a monorail. We even climbed some early hills with crying. 

I followed my maps like a dummy and went down a long hill to the wrong side of the Occoquan River. So I climbed back out l, found the correct way and descended. Then I climbed the bitch of a hill heading south. 


I was expecting many more hills built my route through Prince William County around Quantico was surprisingly level. 

And the weather was superb.

This can’t be happening. I’m on a bike tour!

A brief visit to Fauquier (say it right!) County and I was in Stafford County. The rollers began. 

After exhausting my legs on the 50 States Ride, I decided to check my ego at the base of each hill and use my super low granny gear. Bueno!

I stopped to flip my map and was passed by three men of about my age on a bike tour of their own. I caught them soon because one of them had a flat. A few miles later at a general store I encountered two more south bound bike tourists. It turns out they are on an official Adventure Cycling tour from Bar Harbor to Key West. The three men I had just passed were part of their tour group. We chatted as we snarfed all the things. The woman on the group bought me ice cream. I love her.

I parted alone and cruised along the increasingly hilly roads into Fredericksburg. I stopped for more ice cream because it was RIGHT THERE! 

I skipped the battlefield since I had already been there. Just watch the opening of the movie Cold Comfort. It wasn’t pretty. 

Hills and more hills led me to a KOA campground south of town. (The tour group camped at a church.) I rented a cabin because it is supposed to rain and because I wanted to. It has electric but no water. Roughing it!

With 88 miles behind me I face 60 miles of hills to Richmond tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “No Way So Hey Day One

  1. Have fun on your tour, my opinion of granny gears is “I paid for all these gears I might as well use them!” Tailwinds

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