No Way So Hey -Day 4

I woke up waay too early and putzed around until the fog lifted. The hotel breakfast was barely edible. I hit the road intending to eat breakfast after about 15 miles but the place was closed. At 20 miles I hoped to stock up on lunch and dinner so that I could camp nearby. The place was gross. Do I ride to tomorrow’s stopping point, 75 miles away? I felt I had no choice so I started pedaling. 

The road was thick with turkey vultures – no lie! Omens R Us! 

Then I thought to call the campground to see if it had food. The answer was no but a gas station only a mile more off route has all kinds of stuff.

Sure enough. I bought 2 sammies and other assorted snacks and headed to the campground. For $14 (with the senior discount) I have a place to rest my head and recover from the hard pace of the first three days (252 miles) and eat breakfast in the morning. 
With today’s 41 1/2 miles I have 293 1/2 miles and I’m now in North Carolina.

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