No Way So Hey – Day 5

I never sleep well in a tent but I did much better last night. Special thanks to Michele Cleveland who recommended a better sleeping pad. I still tossed and turned but the eerie animal that sounded like a werewolf may have had something to do with it. I was also visited by a small critter scratching around my tent for food. And there were owls hooting all night. Nature is noisy. 

The day began at last night’s gas station eatery. The food so far has been greasy and disgusting so I wasn’t surprised that breakfast was more of the same.

A kindly driver ed teacher who was fueling up told me that visibility was poor so I put on my vest and hit the road. 

Marshy land and farmers fields for mikes and miles. I sang songs to myself and had conversations with my monkey mind. The terrain here rivals northern Indiana for levelness. So my legs were having no trouble at all.

I stopped at every store and bought either food or drink, fearful that I’d hit a string of closed shops. I found this sign interesting. 

I stopped I for an early lunch in Colerain. Cafe 45 was not listed on my maps but the food was cheap and tasty. At last!

The rest of the day was more pool table riding with increasing heat and humidity. A customer in the cafe told me my destination, Plymouth,  was a cute fishing town. 

After miles of farmland I climbed a bridge over the Cashie, Middle, and Roanoke Rivers. Very pretty. Then I rode into Plymouth. What a disappointment. I called a campground 30 miles further on. They were booked. 

The motels in Plymouth were either a Holiday Inn Express or two run down motels. I opted for one of the motels. No cable, no TV, no WiFi. I complained at the desk. The dude fixed the TV and cable but said I was too far from the WiFi. Then he said the WiFi comes and goes with the weather. I said lower by bill. No, the manager says WiFi is complementary and not part of the bill. 

I had checked in to the Monte Python Inn!

If you want you can leave and get a refund but you have to leave in 5 minutes. (This is actually what I was told.)

Well since the AC and the shower worked I decided to stay. I am sitting outside connecting to another room’s WiFi.

There are no restaurants in sight so my convenience store stash will have to suffice. for dinner. 

I should have known Plymouth would be a problem. This is the town funeral home. 

You can’t make this stuff up.

Well the day was nice until now. I made it 68 miles. So far that makes 361.5 miles in 5 days. Tomorrow I plan to ride to New Bern. 

2 thoughts on “No Way So Hey – Day 5

  1. Toodles…….wow. May tailwinds and good food find you, there has to be an epicurean app that could help you find better than gas station food

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