No Way So Hey – Random Thoughts after Ten Days

Bike touring makes your clothes grow. 

Without having a back to work deadline I can take short mileage days if I want. On day ten, I stopped after 55 miles. In the evening violent thunderstorms hit the area.

I have serious FOMO for all the events going on at home while I am away. 

It took about a week but my brain finally clicked into “I’m on tour mode.” 

When I’m riding, I am not breathing hard at all. My legs were dead at the start of the tour. Now they just spin. No effort. No achiness. My body reaches a level of constant effort and locks in. 

I ate salad for a late lunch today at 2:30. My body craved plant food. Then I bought a huge sub sandwich for dinner and breakfast. I inhaled it at 5:30 pm. 

Lodging so far: Cabin. Hostel. Motel. Tent. Motel. Motel. Warmshowers. Friend’s house. Motel. Motel. Tomorrow is a hostel. Then a bunkhouse at a farm or tent camping depending on my stamina.

The roads in SC tend to have trees on the left side. I envy the northbound riders who have shade.

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