Weighty Things

My plan was to get up early to go to the gym and life weights. The Astros and the Dodgers had other things in mind. Game 5 of the World Series was supposed to be a tidy pitchers’ duel. Instead it was a slug fest. Houston won 13 – 12 in 10 long innings. I pretty sure there were at least four standing 8 counts. You could almost hear the players saying, “Yeah, Well…TAKE THAT!” as they exchanged home runs. Big fun.

Long story short, I woke up a tad later than planned. As it turned out, this was not entirely a bad thing because temperatures dropped about 20 degrees from yesterday. And it was windy. Fall has arrived and, boy, does it feel great.

I managed to make the four-mile ride to the gym into eight miles. I let the breeze push me down the Mount Vernon Trail before turning back. Then I had to face it. The dreaded weight room. I know, I know. Weight bearing exercise is good for you. It especially good for people like me who do little more than non-weight-bearing exercise and who have ripened a bit.

The Chamber of Pain

I did one circuit through the machines, mostly to figure out how to set them up. It was pretty funny that one some machines I wasn’t sure which way to face, toward or away from the machine. And there was one work station without any weights at all that had no instructions. I had no idea what the heck to do with that.

After my first go round, I did another circuit. I made sure to use less weight than I might normally and to move the weight very slowly. I hope I don’t ache tomorrow. Even with low weight, I had the same result I usually have from weight lifting: I felt like throwing up when I was done.

The good news is my ribs didn’t hurt. The bad news is my left tricep is messed up. It wasn’t the weights. My father had rotator cuff problems beginning at about my age. Thanks Dad.

After the weights, I went for what I planned to be a 22-mile ride. One thing led to another and I found myself riding The Mule all over the place: across the Potomac on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, up Oxon Hill past the casino, back down to the river at Oxon Hill Farm, back up the hill to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. I took MLK to Howard Road. Then I got on the Anacostia River Trail. I rode a few miles north then crossed the river and came south all the way to the soccer stadium being built at Buzzards Point.

Swift Progress on the Soccer Pitch

Then I made my way to The Wharf where I rested in a swing and took in the sights on a perfect fall day.

Swings on a Pier

The ride home on the Mount Vernon Trail was a breeze.

When I arrived a package greeted me.


The package also included a book (Britt Maire Was Here by Fredrik Backman) and another CD, Little Fictions by Elbow (I am going to their DC concert on Saturday).


7 thoughts on “Weighty Things

  1. I started going to the fitness center again after our road trip. Planet Fitness works out well for me because I can find one most places while on the road. Usually for some stretching and a shower. And like you, it’s better when we ride our bikes to the gym.

  2. I tuned out of game 5 when it was 3-0 at the end of 1. Saw 7-7 on my phone later and quickly tuned back in, Wow! this series is going to wear me out and I don’t even have a rooting interest. Good luck with the lifting. Does lifting a coffee cup at the end of a Coffeeneuring ride count?

  3. Back in the day I saw Neil Finn sing with big brothers band Split Enz in a band stand in Albert park, Auckland. That album picture makes me feel old…

    1. I’d have killed to see that concert. He played the Lincoln Theater in DC 2 years ago. Solo with band. Could not have been a better concert. When I got home I thought of a list of songs he could have played that would have made just as good a concert. His catalogue is huge.

      1. You can see his burgeoning craft with Split Enz. Take a listen to Message to my Girl and One Step Ahead. The former video famous for only using 1 camera (apparently)

      2. I wasn’t a fan of Split Enz. His more recent versions of those S/E songs are every bit as good as his solo and Crowded House material. History Never Repeats is a real crowd pleaser.

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