2017 – Big Numbers. Flat Finish

Dang, I banged out a pretty good year on the bike: 9,911.5 miles, nearly 20 percent more than my previous best year (2016). Take that old age!chart

September was a whopper because of the bike tour to Florida. My highest mileage month ever. October was pretty darn good too. December was a belly flop. I had to stop riding with two weeks to go because of a pulmonary embolism or embolisms. (I’m still trying to get the lingo down.)

I got hit by an SUV at the end of March. I bounced off like some sort of Zen Tigger.

I rode my bikes to work 133 times for a total of 3,912 miles until I gave bike commuting  up in August. (I retired.)

I rode only 103.5 miles indoors. (Yeah, I count those miles too.)

My Cross Check led the stable with 3,449.5 miles. The Mule, my 26-year old touring bike, came in second with 3,400.5 miles.

My Tour Easy recumbent gets used less and less each year. It’s not supposed to work that way, but if I don’t ride it all the time it’s just hard to get into the mental and physical mindset.

My most notable event rides were the Reston Century, in which I earned lanterne rouge status. What a pathetic ride. And I rode my ninth 50 States Ride with Stephen, Kevin W., Rachel C., Michael B., and Emilia. Thanks for waiting for me guys. Rachel has already laid down the challenge for me to ride my tenth in 2018.

Recent events have caused me to hit the pause button on planning for 2018. All I can do for now is focus on my recovery. The bicycling will take care of itself.

It is what it is.

Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “2017 – Big Numbers. Flat Finish

  1. You did have a good year. Wish you could ride now but you are only missing arctic temperatures. Take care and I hope to see you back on the bike soon.

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