February Wasn’t So Bad

Without any major snow storms and some very warm days, February turned out to be a decent month for riding a bicycle in the DMV. I managed to pound out 657.5 miles, a little over 23 miles per day. That’s 101 more miles than in January when my lungs were still messed up with pulmonary embolisms.

I rode all four of my bikes, but 549.5 miles were ridden on my Cross Check, which passed 8,000 miles on the odometer. I rode only 57 miles in the basement. Up hill both ways. My longest ride was 50 miles and it was preceded by a 48.5 mile day. Not too shabby.

I got back to going to the gym and lifted weights two to three times per week. My left shoulder has been screwed up for month so I added trips to the physical therapist twice a week. The shoulder starting to come around but I can’t really say the therapy should get credit. I stopped doing some weight lifting exercises that put stress on my shoulders and this has allowed the nerves to calm down.

I pierced the 1,000 mile mark, reaching 1,204 as of the end of the month. If you asked me two months ago if I would have half this many miles under my belt, I’d have thought you were crazy. What’s even more surprising to me is how I am gaining strength on the bike daily. I go up hills without the gawdawful panting and wheezing of last summer.

I started getting up before dawn to ride to Friday Coffee Club when it moved back to its original location at Swings House of Caffeine at 17th and G Streets NW. On my last visit, I had another run in with Secret Service police who seem to think I am an evil doer.  It must have been the desperate look of caffeine deprivation. Maybe I’ll start carrying a white flag.

I had lunch today with some folks, one of whom, Marie, is doing a bike tour with her husband Roy starting next week. (You can follow their exploits on their blog.) They will ride north from Jacksonville Florida to as close to DC as they can get in three weeks. She and her husband rode cross country last summer. Just talking to her has turned my mind toward “the big one” this summer. Once the weather breaks I’ll be in full planning frenzy mode.

In the meantime I will be focusing on car-related activities. My wife’s car needs to pass inspection. The sticker cost $35. The repairs to get it to pass the inspection will be close to $2,000.

I also need to get my driver’s license renewed. This seems kind of stupid since I’ll be on a bike for 2 1/2 months, but TSA won’t let me come home without one.



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