Any Road Tour: Day 34 – Montana beatdown

After a healthy breakfast of cold pizza, I packed up and rode to the town food market. It wasn’t open until 10 am so I bought a gas station sandwich and bid Circle farewell.

Oh, they have dinos around here.

For the third day in a row I had headwinds but at least I had level ground for a few miles. Then the rollers started. Up 200 feet down 200 feet. Repeat for 60 miles.

To make things interesting the road had expansion joints every 10 or 15 yards. It was like hitting thousands on mini speed bumps. Also there were no services along the route except for a rest room at the half way mark.

It was a two lane road with a 70 mph speed limit. For those of you who thought riding on the interstate was dangerous, I say “Pshaw!”

Up. Down. The wind would stop midway through a climb only to smack me as I crested the hill. All day long.

I had to bail on a climb when an overwide farm machine passed me.

A bike tourist named Dale came from the other direction. We stopped and talked for a half hour. He came from Seaside Oregon, through Portland, and Missoula. He said the road over Rogers Pass is closed from flood damage. He was stuck for days before a pilot of a single engine plan gave him a lift over the mountains!

I told Dale to keep an eye out for Martin who left Circle a couple of hours after me.

The last three miles into Jordan were mercifully flat. They lasted forever. All I wanted was to put up my tent and get off my bike. I rode around looking for the town park not believing that the postage stamp park with a pit toilet was my home for the night.

I had dead legs all day today. I’ve just done too many long days without a break. I need to do some cogitating about my schedule. I started peeking at return flights from Portland and Seattle. It looks like Tuesday July 23 is less pricey and fits my itinerary. I’ll wait until Missoula to book the flight though.

If Rogers Pass is still closed I have two options. Ride north and pick up the Northern Tier Route. This would be pretty but if any roads get closed I’ll be stuck. Alternate routes go through Canada and I didn’t bring a passport.

Option B is to ride interstates to Helena and Missoula. It may not be scenic but it will be fast because the road surface is good and there are no steep climbs.

Final good note: Tater tots are called gems in Montana.

Miles: 69

Total miles: 2,542

4 thoughts on “Any Road Tour: Day 34 – Montana beatdown

  1. Thanks for the Dino picture. Except
    for camping in the town park, your day 34 is a carbon copy of our day 45, from breakfast at the gas station to the $1 million dollar rest stop to Jordan.

    I hope you stop in at the Hell Creek Bar either for dinner or breakfast, or both. We met real, university-affiliated dinosaur fossil hunters in Jordan.

    The next two days beat us up pretty badly. I hope you are not as tested. I’m working on tailwinds for you, but I’m not optimistic about eastern Montana. 😊

    1. I went to a restaurant down the road for dinner. Ate everything in sight. Waitress was a 20-something woman who moved here 6 years ago. Her father is the town preacher. She’s from California. What do you do for fun? Joy ride and drink. She didn’t seem unhappy but she wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about joy riding and drinking.

    2. I’m angling south-ish toward Winnett. Alas the headwinds are pivoting to torment me. They aren’t all that strong but the combo with hills and expansion joints is tough. Fortunately daytime temps have been in 60s and 70s

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