February – Not Quite in Gear

My bike riding seems to be lagging this year. In January I had only 381 miles, 140 of which were in the basement. I suppose a week without a bike explains some of this.

In February, I rode 589 miles, a 200 mile improvement with 3 fewer days. I switched from mainly riding my Cross Check to Little Nellie, my folding travel bike. Little Nellie put in 428 miles over 15 days. I replaced the stem with a shorter one and my lower back was very happy. My upper back is now rather stiff though so there ain’t no such thing as  a free bike ride.

I began doing yoga and physical therapy exercises in earnest once more. This came about because my body went wonky in painful ways while I was hoofing it around London in January. I’ve also started up my daily meditation practice which had lapsed after my bike tour last summer. The break did me good and I am now less fidgety and more focused.

I completed my second month on the medical hampster wheel. There is good news. All my blood tests and my CT scan of my gut turned up nothing worrisome. So now I am focusing on fixing my stiff upper back with targeted exercises. (My doctor wants me to go to the physical therapy place but I already know all the exercises.)

I am visiting an orthopedist about my wonky upper left arm and shoulder. For more than a year, my left arm has sent my spasms of severe pain at random intervals. (For example, when I sat up  in bed this morning, I was treated to a tremendous ache.) Oddly, this problem went away during the second half of my bike tour and for about a month later. It has gradually returned. I am hopeful that I can find out what exactly is wrong and get some treatment beyond the PT I did last winter.

For the year I’ve wracked up a rather unimpressive 970 miles. As the weather warms I hope to get back up to 600 or 700 miles per month.


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