A Shot in the Arm

Yesterday I went to the orthopedist to have him examine my wonky left upper arm and shoulder. He took xrays which revealed nothing more that a smidgen of arthritis, pretty much the norm for someone my age.

Then he examined me. He moved my arm around, had me exert pressure this way and that. His diagnosis was what I expected, a damaged rotator cuff.

He can’t tell if the damage is from tendonitis or a tear in the tendon. My guess (and hope) is that it is the former. This arm problem has been nagging me for at least 18 months. If it is related to recent trauma, the only significant trauma would be a fall I had on my 2017 bike tour to Key West. (It wasn’t a bicycle crash per se; I fell off a porch and my bike landed on me. I don’t recall hurting my left side though.)

For now, we are operating under the assumption that this is tendonitis. Accordingly, he gave me the option of anti-inflamatory medications or a cortisone shot. I chose the latter.

“Will it hurt?”

“Not really.”

“OW. Fuck!”

The pain lasted only a few seconds while the needle was in my arm.

Eight hours later my upper arm aches. This is normal for the first few days. Then the medical magic should start. If I am painfree in four weeks, no further treatment is needed.

If I’m still hurting, I can get an MRI to see if the tendon is torn. If it is, I can opt for arthroscopic surgery. My doctor said the surgery is straightforward. The recovery isn’t. It takes six months, including six weeks with my arm in a sling and beaucoup physical therapy, to get my arm well.

I asked about delaying the surgery until after my bike tour. He was not at all encouraging. One crash and my arm could get much worse depending on the extent of the existing injury.

By the end of March I’ll know if I will be spending my summer riding a bike tour or sitting in Nationals Park. Time will tell.


8 thoughts on “A Shot in the Arm

  1. If you’re sitting in Nationals park in the summer, I guess you won’t be riding there. Bummer.

  2. Do your tour and don’t crash. Or if by some act of the gods you do, crash on the other shoulder. Easy solution. Doctors give medical advice, not social, bike touring advice.

  3. Bummer, I’m in a similar boat, but I don’t have insurance so it’s all on hold. I also don’t use nsaids. My mom had this surgery and said it wasn’t too bad. Let’s hope it’s nothing major for either of us

  4. Have you been throwing BP and sneaking in those 100 mph fastballs again? sorry about the rotator cuff, my knee has been very sore and keeping me off the bike which sucks as its been sunny recently and I signed up for a ride in late April. Aging ain’t for the faint of heart. Hope the arm/shoulder heal soon.

  5. Mr. Chopper, Is the Friday Coffee open to new bodies? I have been searching for similarly situated touring types locally & found you on Twitter. I live near Washington Mill Elem. School, and love riding ridiculous tours, & COFFEE!
    Twitter: @wadeotey Instagram: power2weightcycling
    email: wadeotey@gmail.com

    1. Absolutely. Every Friday from 7:30 ish to whenever. (I leave between 9 and 10). At ME Swings House of Caffeine at 17th and G NW. It’s across from the Old Executive Office Building

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