Ten Days to Liftoff

Over the weekend my oldest brother told me that he has the document that I need for my Irish citizenship application. Dang. I could have sworn I had it. Anyway, he’s putting it in the mail so I can ship off my packet of documents and photographs to Dublin. Yay.

Yesterday it rained all day. Having not slept a wink on Friday night I took full advantage of the rain. I slept in. Then I took an afternoon nap. Then I watched a baseball game on TV. In other words, I took the day completely off. Stressing out over the application had worn me out mentally and physically.

With batteries recharged and perfect weather, I rode The Mule 61 miles today. It was a nonstop ride from my home in Mount Vernon, Virginia to DC to Potomac Village, Maryland, to Bethesda Row, Maryland and back. I managed to find a few decent hills including the climb near Great Falls Park on MacArthur Boulevard. This climb very much resembles the long climbs I did in the Cascades (except for the fact that it is less than ten percent as long).

I rode at least two miles per hour faster than usual without meaning to. My left knee and my back were barking at me over the last five miles but I made it the whole way stopping only to tie my shoes and obey stop signs and red lights.

I was pretty tired so I made myself a Dagwood and inhaled that bad boy. Then I went out and mowed the lawn.

Ninety minutes later I was toast. The effort was similar to what I’ll be doing day after day on my tour. Of course, I didn’t carry a touring load on my bike but tacking on the lawn job was a good way to balance that out.

In ten days I should be rolling west from my in-laws house in Indiana.

Time to make a packing list.

2 thoughts on “Ten Days to Liftoff

  1. How exciting that you’re going on another trip. If I recall, you brought quite a bit of gear weight last year. Will you pare down this time?

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